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TVA EnergyRight Residential Services Can Help You Save Money and Have a More Energy-Efficient Home!

TVA EnergyRight Residential Services is a program developed through a partnership between Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and TUA. TVA EnergyRight Residential Services provides homeowners with a simple way to make existing homes as energy-efficient as possible.

There are two ways for customers to access the program once you have registered. Account registration does not commit you to participate in the program.

1. Find a Quality Contractor: Get started right away! Simply select a contractor from TVA’s list, and begin making your energy efficiency improvements. The list is available for viewing after you create your account.

2. Request a Home Energy Evaluation: Not know exactly how to make your home more energy efficient? Have an evaluation performed on your home for free for a limited time. TVA’s professional energy advisors will give you a list of recommended improvements. Then, select a contractor off of the suggested TVA list to make your energy improvements.

Through instant rebates on eligible improvements performed by members of the Quality Contractor Network (QCN), TVA EnergyRight Residential Services allows homeowners to work toward a perfect Home Energy Evaluation Number of 10 at their own pace, re-engaging with the program as many times as needed to achieve their home’s best possible energy performance. TVA EnergyRight Residential Services is only available to residential customers.

Program Overview:

Access is easy. Simply sign up for TVA EnergyRight Residential Services and get started!  An in-home evaluation is not required prior to making qualified energy efficiency improvements.

Here’s How It Works:
  •  Homeowner visits the Residential Hub at, completes a short online registration and receives a unique customer ID.
  •  Homeowner decides what home improvement(s) to do first.
  •  Homeowner contacts one or more QCN members and schedules a time to get an estimate for potential work. The QCN member list is provided on the Residential Hub under the “Find Contractors” link.
  •  Homeowner provides the unique customer ID to the QCN member and agrees to have the work inspected at a later date.
  •  QCN member performs the qualified energy efficiency improvements, and the homeowner receives the instant rebates on the invoice. The rebate is shown as a line item on the customer’s invoice. No extra paperwork!
  •  Once the work is completed, the Customer Contact Center will contact the customer to schedule an inspection at the home to ensure the qualified energy efficiency improvement was installed properly (if applicable). During the inspection, a Home Energy Evaluation will be performed on the home at no additional cost. Additional energy improvements for future consideration may be identified during this evaluation.
  • Homeowner receives their Home Energy Evaluation number at the time of the inspection.

A Home Energy Evaluation includes:
  •  An Home Energy Evaluation card, which ranks the home from 1 to 10 (10 being best).
  •  A detailed HEE report, which contains:
  •  A customized list of recommended energy efficiency improvements that, if implemented, will make the home as energy efficient as possible.
  •  A list of instant rebates for all qualified energy efficiency improvements.
  •  Photos of the areas evaluated.
  •  Instant energy saving fixtures installed at the time of home visit (for example, CFLs, low-flow shower heads, and faucet aerators).
  • Expert consultation from the energy evaluator.
For more information on the program, visit or call 1-855-237-2673!

Note: Homeowners may have a Home Energy Evaluation performed on the home before improvements are made for free for a limited time.

Sign up for a Home Energy Evaluation on the Residential Hub or simply call the Energy Right Residential Services Contact Center.