Energy Right

New homes program provides attractive cash incentives to home builders in the Tullahoma Utilities Authority service area for constructing an energy efficient, all-electric new home.

Comprehensive Services Program

Residential and large commercial establishments may request a variety of energy services through TVA, with the cost of the services paid by the Tullahoma Utilities Authority.

Round Up Program

“It takes change to make a change.  By rounding up your utility bill to the nearest whole dollar, you can help support local families in need and the organizations that serve them. The TUA Round Up Program costs a typical TUA customer less than $6.00 a year.  That’s small change, but together, it adds up to make a big change.”

Tullahoma Utilities Authority has always been committed to serving the residents of Tullahoma.  Since our creation, our objective has been to improve the quality of life for our customers. The TUA Board of Directors established the TUA Round Up Program, a Community Assistance Fund, to be used to help those less fortunate in our community. Many Tullahoma residents face economic hardships.  The TUA Round Up Program provides an opportunity for our customers to support our community. By giving an average of $0.50 a month, our customers can help improve the quality of life in our community or help those needing emergency assistance. All of the funds (100%) generated by the TUA Round Up Program go back to the community. Here is how the program works: These funds originate from rounding up your monthly bill to the next whole dollar.  If your bill is $67.63, it would be rounded to $68.00 even.  The additional 37 cents would be placed into the TUA Round Up Program Fund, which will be administered by our Board of Directors.  The Round Up amount will be shown on your bill.  Should you decide later not to participate, please contact the TUA office at 931-455-4515. TUA will refund up to 6 months of contributions should you later decide to leave the Round Up Program.


Home Uplift

TVA EnergyRight’s Home Uplift program isn’t just about helping people make the home energy upgrades that will save money on their monthly bills. It’s about creating the changes that improve the quality of life.
  • Improving overall health. Homes that are well-heated and insulated help reduce colds and sickness.
  • Helping people take their place in their communities. Those who live a healthy, comfortable life at home miss less days of work and school than those who are battling issues due to challenging living conditions.
  • Securing the comfort of home for seniors. Home Uplift helps seniors age in place in their homes—comfortably and safely.

TUA has partnered with TVA to bring the Home Uplift program to qualifying electric customers in Tullahoma.  To learn more down load the application below, call Communications Specialist Chris Barstad at (931) 571-7158 or visit this link

Home Uplift Application


TVA EnergyRight Residential Services

Access is easy. Simply sign up for TVA EnergyRight Residential Services and get started! An in-home evaluation is not required prior to making qualified energy efficiency improvements.

• Homeowner visits the Residential Hub at, completes a short online registration and receives a unique customer ID.

• Homeowner decides what home improvement(s) to do first.

• Homeowner contacts one or more QCN members and schedules a time to get an estimate for potential work. The QCN member list is provided on the Residential Hub under the “Find Contractors” link.

• Homeowner provides the unique customer ID to the QCN member and agrees to have the work inspected at a later date.

• QCN member performs the qualified energy efficiency improvements, and the homeowner receives the instant rebates on the invoice. The rebate is shown as a line item on the customer’s invoice. No extra paperwork!

• Once the work is completed, the Customer Contact Center will contact the customer to schedule an inspection at the home to ensure the qualified energy efficiency improvement was installed properly (if applicable). During the inspection, an Home Energy Evaluation will be performed on the home at no additional cost. Additional energy improvements for future consideration may be identified during this evaluation.

• Homeowner receives their HEE number at the time of the inspection.
Energy saving trees
At Tullahoma Utilities Authority, we're committed to a greener, healthier world. Trees around homes will not only help reduce the amount of energy your home requires, but they also add to your property value, reduce your carbon footprint, improve the air quality, and more effectively catch storm-water runoff. It is our intention that the free trees we provide be a gift to you and your community.

Tullahoma Utilities Authority is proud to sponsor this program and provide you with 1 free tree. In less than ten minutes, you can reserve your free tree. Thanks for participating in this exciting program.

Third Party
Notifier Program

TUA customers may request that they be notified if a relative or friend is about to be disconnected for non-payment so payment arrangements can be made. Those being notified are not required to pay the bill.

Light Up
The Season

Our holiday outdoor lighting contest is held each Christmas season. Contact our communications department at 571-7186 to nominate a home prior to mid-December!

Creating Educational

TUA participates in Creating Educational Opportunities, a partnership between businesses and the Tullahoma school system. In addition, employees are available during the school year for discussions on electrical safety and water conservation. Contact our communications department at 571-7186 to learn more!


Are available of the office building, LightTube headend, TV Studio, and wastewater treatment plant, and tours can be arranged for the water treatment plant. Call 571-7186 to set up a tour.