Energy Right

New homes program provides attractive cash incentives to home builders in the Tullahoma Utilities Authority service area for constructing an energy efficient, all-electric new home.

Comprehensive Services Program

Residential and large commercial establishments may request a variety of energy services through TVA, with the cost of the services paid by the Tullahoma Utilities Authority.

Replace a Tree

Customers with trees growing under high voltage power lines may have them cut and replaced with a low growing tree at no cost to them.

eScore by TVA

Access is easy. Simply sign up for eScore and get started! An in-home evaluation is not required prior to making qualified energy efficiency improvements.

• Homeowner visits the eScore customer portal at, completes a short online registration and receives a unique customer ID.

• Homeowner decides what home improvement(s) to do first.

• Homeowner contacts one or more QCN members and schedules a time to get an estimate for potential work. The QCN member list is provided on the eScore customer portal under the “Find Contractors” link.

• Homeowner provides the unique customer ID to the QCN member and agrees to have the work inspected at a later date.

• QCN member performs the qualified energy efficiency improvements, and the homeowner receives the instant rebates on the invoice. The rebate is shown as a line item on the customer’s invoice. No extra paperwork!

• Once the work is completed, the Customer Contact Center will contact the customer to schedule an inspection at the home to ensure the qualified energy efficiency improvement was installed properly (if applicable). During the inspection, an eScore evaluation will be performed on the home at no additional cost. Additional energy improvements for future consideration may be identified during this evaluation.

• Homeowner receives their home eScore at the time of the inspection.

Third Party
Notifier Program

TUA customers may request that they be notified if a relative or friend is about to be disconnected for non-payment so payment arrangements can be made. Those being notified are not required to pay the bill.

Light Up
The Season

Our holiday outdoor lighting contest is held each Christmas season. Contact our communications department at 571-7186 to nominate a home prior to mid-December!

Creating Educational

TUA participates in Creating Educational Opportunities, a partnership between businesses and the Tullahoma school system. In addition, employees are available during the school year for discussions on electrical safety and water conservation. Contact our communications department at 571-7186 to learn more!


Are available of the office building, LightTube headend, TV Studio, and wastewater treatment plant, and tours can be arranged for the water treatment plant. Call 571-7186 to set up a tour.