Customer Service

The first stop a customer usually makes when visiting TUA is the customer service area, where TUA employees answer a steady stream of questions from walk-in and telephone customers throughout the day. TUA's customer service employees process orders for the turning on and turning off of electric, water, or wastewater services for all residential, industrial and commercial customers, as well as process payments, work orders and meter change-outs; answer energy-related questions; fill out service availability forms; provide radio communication to field employees; serve as receptionists to point our customers in the right direction for the services they need; and a host of other things. TUA also has a drive-up window for drive-thru payments and a night deposit slot for after-hours payments.

Our customer service representatives are also assisting residential and commercial customers with TUA's LightTube services. LightTube is a fiber optic cable that is run to the home or business and provides state-of-the-art television, Internet, and telephone service. LightTube provides over 80 High-Definition channels, the fastest Internet connection in town, and a feature-rich telephone package that has left our competitors scrambling to try and catch up. LightTube is the Tullahoma provider of TV, Internet, and telephone at the speed of light!

For more information about TUA's services, please contact a customer service representative today by either stopping by our office at 901 South Jackson Street in Tullahoma; or calling, 931-455-4515 and press option 3.
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