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TUA Tullahoma Green Power

The TUA Solar Farm is located on just over one acre of land on Spring Creek Road in Tullahoma, Tennessee. The project was completed in April 2019 and started producing power 7 days a week. At 239.76 kW DC, the TUA Solar Farm is relatively small but can generate enough renewable energy to power approximately 27 average Tullahoma homes.

The TUA Solar Farm array is a fixed tilt array and contains 648 modules, each generating 370 Watts of power at peak efficiency. Estimated power produced will be 280,000 kWh annually. A typical home uses 10,399 kWh per year.

Every 1 kWh of energy produced by a solar farm prevents 1.2 pounds of CO2 pollution each year. If you divide that by the 280,000 kWh per year produced by the TUA Solar Farm, the TUA Solar Farm will contribute to the prevention of more than 336,000 pounds of CO2 pollution each year.

Solar energy is a clean, safe and renewable source of energy. Solar farms are a relatively effective and unobtrusive way of generating electricity. The only drawback with this technology is that solar farms occupy large space and are pricey. However, the benefits of solar farms far outweigh their high installation costs and other limitations. The TUA Solar Farm cost was just over $300,000 and has a lifespan of 30/40 years.

Want to do your part to support clean, renewable energy? For as little as $4 a month, you can support solar energy production and breathe a little easier knowing you’re taking positive action to reduce your carbon footprint. Each $4 block you buy ensures that 100 kilowatthours of clean, renewable energy is added to TUA’s electricity mix. To sign up call TUA’s Customer Service at 455-4515.