Notices on Utility Poles are Dangerous to Workers!

Every day, TUA lineworkers climb dangerous utility poles to ensure efficient, reliable electric service for the residents of the city of Tullahoma. Posters, notices, and other signs that are stapled or nailed to utility poles make their jobs harder.

"Staples and nails are dangerous in two ways," said Brian Skelton, TUA manager. "They can damage protective clothing worn by utility lineworkers to prevent electrocution. And, these same staples and nails can cause serious falls and injuries. We ask everyone in the community to please cooperate to help our employees stay safe."

In the winter, poles are often slippery from rain, snow, or ice, so maneuvering is difficult from the start. Lineworkers must climb poles for routine maintenance work and in case of emergencies, such as restoring power to our neighborhoods after storms.

Help our lineworkers stay safe! Don't post your notices on utility poles.