NON-Endorsed TUA Programs

Repair of Water/Sewer Line Homeowner Letters NOT Endorsed by TUA

Tullahoma residents and commercial customers may soon receive a letter from a company called “American Water Resources.”   In the letter this company will offer a product that will cover a portion of the cost of repair or replacement of private water and sewer lines under certain conditions.

Please be advised that the Tullahoma Utilities Authority (TUA) is NOT affiliated with this company and does not endorse them or their products.  TUA advises customers to carefully consider this or any similar offer and to seek counsel from their homeowner’s insurance representative on the need and value of this coverage.  In particular, be advised to pay close attention to deductibles, monthly fees, and limitations of coverage to help determine your need for this type of product. 

TUA is the only provider of electric, water, and wastewater services in the city of Tullahoma. In addition, TUA is the only locally owned, governed, and managed telecommunications company in Tullahoma, offering television, Internet, and telephone services through its LightTube division to residents and businesses in the city since 2008. TUA is located at 901 S. Jackson Street in Tullahoma and is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The contact phone number for the TUA office is (931) 455-4515.