Fire Hyrdrant Flushing

Fire hydrant flushing is sometimes done to remove sediments and deposits that can build up in hydrants and pipes. This  is done in the middle of the night and usually causes no disruption to customers. Occasionally, in the middle of flushing, customers may experience a slight tint to their water. It is advised that you do not wash clothes during fire hydrant flushing. Notices are put in the Tullahoma News to announce flushing dates/times.

TUA will be performing annual fire hydrant flushing in April as follows:

April 3 & 4 - Northeast quadrant

April 5 & 6 - Southeast quadrant

April 10 & 11 - Northwest quadrant

April 12 & 13 - Southwest quadrant 

Flushing will be performed at night between the hours of 11:00 PM and 3:00 AM.  Water discoloration and low pressure will likely occur in and near flushing areas.  Please do not wash clothes during this time.

Fire hydrant flushing is an essential maintenance operation for the water distribution system.  TUA appreciates the cooperation and patience demonstrated by our customers during this necessary inconvenience.